VC200 – the first Volocopter to carry two people

As the federal ministry of economics and technology granted 2 million € as a
subsidy of the project-related costs, e-volo is working together with a research
and industry syndicate to build the VC200, the first Volocopter in the world to
carry two people.


The VC200 will be granted a provisional airworthiness certificate after having
undergone extensive endurance testing of the passenger cabin, the landing
framework and the rotor array. The goal is to achieve this by mid 2013 in order
to be able to begin with test flights for the trial programme as soon as

The test flights will take place on the glider airfield in Bruchsal,
where the factory of the DG Flugzeugbau (DG Aircraft Construction) is located.
DG Flugzeugbau handles the production of the mechanical bodywork of the VC200 in
the carbon lightweight mode of construction.

At the end of the trial programme, a prototype certification of the VC200 in
line with the newly created category of ultralight rotor aircraft named
Volocopter will enable the future serial production.

Consequently, in Germany people with a private pilot licence will be able to fly
e-volo’s Volocopter in the near future.

Desired aircraft performance

• cruising speed of at least 54 kn (100 km/h)
• flight altitude of up to 6500 ft
• maximum take-off weight of 450 kg
• more than one hour flight time
• two persons side-by-side