The Development Network

Together with a network of notable partners from the fields of research and industry, e-volo will press ahead with the development of the technology for the volocopter during the next years.
The aim of the collaboration is to develop the VC200, a two-seater volocopter.

Project Management:

e-volo Corporation (GmbH) – Karlsruhe, Germany
The inventors of the volocopter


DG Flugzeugbau Corporation (GmbH) – Bruchsal, Germany 

Ascending Technologies Corporation (GmbH) – Krailling, Germany

Research Partners:

Forschungsbüro Senkel – Coinventor of the Volocopter and builder of the VC1, Germany

IAF – Institute of Applied Research, University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe, Germany

NAVKA – Navigation Algorithms and Platforms Karlsruhe, Germany

IAG – Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics, Department Helicopters – University of Stuttgart, Germany

Industry Partners:

W. Gessmann Corporation (GmbH) – Leingarten, Germany

Helix Carbon Corporation (GmbH) – Würselen, Germany

Junkers Profly Corporation (GmbH) – Kulmbach, Germany

mach:idee, Engineering Company – Karlsruhe, Germany

ATB Blank – Roggenburg, Germany