The status of development


Winfried Kretschmann, Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg visited e-volo and was informed about the status of development.

Together with a network of notable partners from the fields of research and industry, e-volo will press ahead with the development of the technology for the volocopter during the next years.

The aim of the collaboration is a two-seater volocopter which complies with regulations, and is based on the concept study of the VC Evolution 2P with the following aircraft performance:

• a speed of over 54 kn (100 km/h)

• a minimum flight altitude of 6500 ft

• a take-off weight of 450 kg

• more than one hour flight time



  1. Yogesh Methe
    24. May 2012

    Its a great achivement towards saving the environment… :)

  2. flag
    29. May 2012

    Great Great
    When is it going to come to market?
    thank you

  3. Axel Wiresmith
    1. June 2012

    When/where can I buy one? I hope they are affordable 😀 You need to get this to market ASAP!

  4. Erik Vikersveen
    14. June 2012

    Absolutly awesome!

  5. barry martin
    16. June 2012

    great idea for urban areas to get away from traffic. Go with skids til you have your rortor system figured out if that is what you call it? Good Luck

  6. 19. June 2012

    any chance this might also come out as a kit also?
    any idea of price range for the two seater?
    this would be perfect for going the 10 miles from my rural home to my small town for groceries! BIG PLUS: My wife loves it!!!!!!!

  7. Thomas Lewis
    22. June 2012

    We all ready have plenty of expensive aircraft,i hope they produce a lightweight ultralight for the masses.So many great idea’s that start out as a new cheaper safer way,end up as toys for a few rich people.Lets hope they build one for the masses,cheap,affordable aircraft we all can enjoy,a kit would be excellent.I guess,time will tell.