Volocopter - the world’s first green helicopter

E-volo’s Volocopter is a revolution in aviation Made in Germany.
Safer, simpler, and cleaner than normal helicopters, it has a unique way of moving – a groundbreaking innovation.The Volocopter is an environmentally friendly and emission- free private helicopter.

General News

Volocopter as a symbol for the future of Karlsruhe

In the brilliant opening show of the three hundredth birthday of the city of Karlsruhe, the history and the future of the city have been shown in various large-scale projections on the Castle of Karlsruhe. In the visualization of the topic “Future of Karlsruhe” the Volocopter was used as a symbol for it. We are rooted […]

Development News

Completed prototype in preparation for the VC200’s preliminary airworthiness certificate

In the early months of 2015, we developed and built, together with our cooperation partner Ascending Technologies, the following two remote-controlled prototypes for the carrying out of static tests as well as tests in various flight conditions in preparation for the preliminary airworthiness certificate. VC18RC: With this prototype (fitted with 18 smaller drives): – almost […]


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